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During pilgrimages, white costumes, pilgrimage hats, and Kongo-zue are often worn.
When fully equipped, there are many pieces of equipment.

The official organization of Shikoku Pilgrimage recommends that you should have 5 items, (1) white pilgrimage coat, (2) Kesa, (3) Kongo walking stick, (4) Nenju, and (5) Account book “Noukyouchou”.

Some pilgrims who travel around the pilgrimage are dressed in white costumes.
Many pilgrims wear a white pilgrim coat. The white pilgrim coat is easy to wear on top of your T-shirt. The white pilgrim coat is white so it is easy to see from a distance and can prevent car accidents.

(2) Kesa

Kesa is like a cloth necklace that wraps around your neck. This is a simplification of the costume worn by the monk.

(3) Kongo walking stick

Kongo walking stick means the incarnation of “Daishi” who started the pilgrimage. In the olden days, it seems that this cane was used to drive away wild dogs, avoid snakes, and other tools to ensure travel safety.

(4) Nenju

Nenju is a common tool in Buddhist funerals. When worshiping at a temple, please hold Nenju in your hand.

(5) Account book “Noukyouchou”

When you visit a temple, get an autograph at “Noukyosho”. Red stamps and beautiful Sanskrit characters are carefully written. In Japan, it is said that you can go to paradise by putting “Noukyouchou”, which is a collection of stamps from all 88 temples, in the casket.

Essential item

Of the five items, the three that I definitely need are “Account book Noukyouchou,” “white pilgrimage coat,” and “Kesa.”
“Account book Noukyouchou” makes the pilgrimage trip more interesting by collecting stamps as the purpose of the pilgrimage. Although devout Buddhists sometimes warn that “pilgrimage is not a stamp rally,” I think so “Ohenro” to be a slightly spiritual stamp rally.

The “white pilgrimage coat” and “Kesa” serve to show the inhabitants of Shikoku that they are on a pilgrimage. It also enhances visibility from a distance and prevents traffic accidents.

Official comment

The official organization of Shikoku Pilgrimage recommends says.


Is it better to have all the pilgrimage equipment from the beginning?


It is not always necessary to have everything from the beginning. At first, you can prepare basic items such as a stamp book and pilgrim coat, which are proof of being a Henro-san, and you can prepare what you think is necessary as you go around.

How to buy pilgrimage costumes and equipment

Pilgrimage costumes and equipment can be purchased online, but many stores do not ship overseas.
I recommend purchasing at the store in front of the gate of No. 1 Ryozenji Temple.

【the store in front of the gate of No. 1 Ryozenji Temple】

The store is open daily from 7 am to 5 pm. The price is almost the same as online shopping. You can start the pilgrimage after purchasing the Account book “Noukyouchou” (2,100-3,500 yen), white pilgrimage coat (2,000-3,000 yen), Kesa (2,000-3,000 yen), and preparing other necessary items.


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