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1. How to display the map

On the top page of the ohenro map, all 89 maps are displayed. It is a route that goes from Tokushima Station to No.1, No.2, No.3 … in numerical order. This route is called “Jun-uchi” in Japan.

Click the link button labeled “MAP” to see the corresponding route summary, elevation difference, and map.

2.Walking route


Distances are shown in kilometers. It is the distance when following the route shown in the scrolled MAP at the bottom.

②Time required

The time required is displayed in “minutes”. Approximate time required for traveling on foot.

③Up & Down

“Up & Down” displays images of going up and down from left to right. The number in the upper left shows the altitude in the stroke in meters. The number is the total value of the elevations that go up (down). The numbers in the lower right show the highest (lowest) value above sea level reached within the journey.

④Walking MAP

“Walking MAP” displays the walking route to the destination. If A follows the origin, B, C, D, … in alphabetical order, you will arrive at your destination.

3.Using the Google MAP app

Walking MAP is available in the Google Maps app. If you open it with the GoogleMap app, you can check the location information and route at the same time. To open the Google Maps app, press the □ button in the upper right corner.

If the route is not displayed in the GoogleMap app, start the GoogleMap app in advance and then press the □ button of Walking MAP again.

By checking the route of Walking MAP and your location information at the same time, you can avoid following the wrong route.


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