How to use train and bus routes

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On the top page of “ohenro-MAP”, if there is a “○” in the “Non Walking MAP” column, there is a “Transportation MAP” that you can move not only on foot but also by train or bus.

1.Information listed


The icon on the far left represents a vehicle such as a bus or train.


“Route” indicates the section to board. Click to display the timetable of the station / bus stop to board.


Fares are displayed in “yen”. If you do not need to pay the fare at the transfer station, the fare display will be “-“.

④Time on Train & Bus

“Time and train & bus” is displayed in minutes. Shows the approximate time you are on the vehicle.

2.How to use “Transportation MAP”

①Icons and lines

The route map (Transportation MAP) using trains and buses shows the boarding station (boarding bus stop) and the getting-off station (getting off bus stop). The blue mark is the boarding station (boarding bus stop), and the red mark is the getting-off station (getting off bus stop).
The red line is the line using the train, and the yellow line is the line using the bus. The stations are connected by a straight line. This line is not a railroad track or road that you actually pass through.

②How to use the station (bus stop) icon

The station (bus stop) icon displayed in the “Transportation MAP” indicates the exact location of that station (bus stop). Enlarge the map to see the exact location of the station (bus stop).

3.How to use the timetable

Click the active link of “Route” to display the timetable.


The timetable is written in English so that foreign tourists can easily understand it. At the beginning, the departure station (departure bus stop), arrival station (arrival bus stop), and fare are listed.

②Street view of departure station (departure bus stop)

The timetable page provides a street view of the departure station (departure bus stop). It helps to confirm the exact location of the departure station (departure bus stop).


Departure time and arrival time, bus number (home number in the case of train), train destination (bus destination), operating date are listed.

④Image of Bus to board

Below the timetable, a photo of the train (bus) you are boarding is displayed. It may differ from the actual bus (train) you take.


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