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Hello. I am a banker living in Chiba prefecture, Japan. My hobbies are golf, fishing, biking, and other sports in general.
On weekdays, I work as a researcher at the head office of a bank in Tokyo.

This page was created based on my experience of visiting the pilgrimage in Shikoku in 2019 and 2020.

The main content of this page is a map that anyone can use for free.
The map is designed so that you can easily check the location, timetable, and fare of stations and bus stops so that you can use trains and buses in addition to walking routes.
If you move to Google map, you can check if you are traveling on the correct walking route.

I try to post the correct information as new as possible, but there may be minor mistakes. Please send information by e-mail or SNS about small mistakes to everyone who uses it.

I pray that everyone who browses will start a new pilgrimage adventure and finish it safely.

March 14, 2021
Rintaro I

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